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About Us


To advance the legal technology industry by providing comprehensive eDiscovery automation solutions with the first ever matter outcome prediction engine. This will allow for cost-efficient, data driven case strategy versus relying solely on human insight and the art of law


We believe that accurate, efficient and cost-effective eDiscovery should be available to everyone in this world. We also believe that our beta AI model will offer the ability to accurately predict the outcome of a matter by analysing the same data that is already moving through the eDiscovery lifecycle.



 We are a company driven by democracy and open-mindedness, and one that is driven by integrity, passion, looking at the big picture, and on a consistently learning mode.

Accurate and Faster E-discovery to Enhance Legal Outcomes

eDiscovery, data privacy, and information governance are challenges we help companies overcome with automation. We collaborate with corporate legal departments and law firms to help improve and enhance legal outcomes. We have created and successfully used our top of the line legal technology platform to help businesses manage their sensitive information. Our platform enables enterprises to respond faster, in a cost-effective manner and with consistently successful results.  

Optimum – Range of eDiscovery Solutions

We are a legal technology company with a difference – we think creatively, constantly challenging the status quo to successfully transcend the boundaries of legal technology and the subsequent positive outcomes. Our Optimum range of e-discovery solutions represents the evolution of legal technology. We are automating and simplifying highly complex and error-prone tasks within the legal realm, making Optimum the go-to choose for businesses.  


Rich Team Experience  

We are team of professionals backed by over 100 years of experience and skill in the areas of eDiscovery, law, and best in class automation software development. We have managed more than 750 eDiscovery and software development projects, including some of the largest, most complex and costly eDiscovery projects the world has ever seen. To enhance this team, we have collaborated and formed partnerships with the most well known companies in the e-discovery industry.