• Bright Spots in Summer - Update from Team Optimum
    July 31, 2020

    Our spirits are high with many summer bright spots to report from Team Optimum.  After meeting with many of you over the last several months, we increasingly hear about the cost and complexity of remote data preservation and collections. Add in other obligations around the chain of custody and transferring data to partners for the heavy lifting and it becomes clear there must be a better way. 

    In response, we’re excited to announce two new products: Optimum DataNavigator for user-driven ESI preservation and forensic collections; and OptimumServiceBridge to automatically deliver the evidence to a partner's network.  

    We are pleased to share that Optimum's platform value is resonating, with recent wins in higher education, insurance, defense, and energy sectors.  From case management to automation of tricky enterprise data and eDiscovery, Optimum is gaining traction. To support this growth, we have expanded the role of our advisory board. We recently held our first global Zoom meeting to brainstorm with industry experts on solutions for the emerging needs of our clients. 

    Lastly, we are proud to announce that we made some new friends.  In the past month, we announced Optimum's cloud-based forensic capabilities with Office365, Slack, and Google Vault; along with integrations with RelativityOne for user-managed eDiscovery.  We are automating workflows across the EDRM so users don't need to be experts in those critical applications. 
    As always, we love your feedback, big or small. Feel free to drop me a note anytime.  We look forward to evolving our work with you in new and optimum ways.

    Anil Kona 
    Chief Executive Officer, 
    Vertical Discovery           

    Product Corner

    Optimum DataNavigator

    • For Corporations: Leverage our API portfolio of connectors directly into enterprise content management systems like Microsoft O365, Exchange Server, SharePoint, and GSuite.  From our simple user interface, run custodial preservation and collections directly through native cloud services.  

    • For Service Providers:  You have the flexibility to provide your clients with self-serve case management, holds, preservation, and collection services. You can now move clients ESI to your hosted environment for ECA, processing, and collection as an integrated service. 

    Optimum ServiceBridge solves the data transmission problem between corporations and their service providers.  Our solution sits behind your corporate firewall and connects to your partners' data center, allowing two-way communication to manage discovery from a single unified dashboard.  

    • Handover forensic containers (your data) with confidence - drop those containers off at your partners' virtual doorstep and track the evidence log automatically. 

    • Bring back useful telemetry to your Optimum dashboard: processing status, review metrics, production details, and billing information.